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How To Learn Piano Fingering

This video will show you to do piano fingering . . better practice it . .


Amazing kids !!

Young Pianist Competes in International Piano Competition

wish i had that talent >.<

Fastest Piano Player

Trust Me , This guys is Freak !!

History and Piano Development

Piano is the oldest musical instruments and the most expensive in the world. Many legendary musician such as Beethoven and Mozart uses the piano as their main instrument.

What about History of Piano?
the origin of the word piano is actually comes from Italian language, namely pianoforte. Piano made by Bartolomeo Cristofori himself in 1720's. The beginning of piano invented, his voice is not as loud as a piano that can be heard in the 20th century. The reason, tension piano keys piano at that time was not as strong as now.
Now, the first piano was displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. As in many other inventions, the piano found on the basis of technological invention.
Initially, the piano was developed from the stringed instrument. The difference, harps played with a pick. While the piano notes pressed.
In general, the piano belong to a group of instrumental music. Piano produces sound from the vibration of the soundboard that volume can be reinforced (adjustable size)
Broadly, the piano in the music can be a solo performance at singing solo as accompaniment. It means that, the piano can live without the help and accompany singers or other musical accompaniment. The resulting piano sound is represent other musical instruments.
Nevertheless, the piano will be more meaningful longer heard with the help of other instruments. That should be emphasized here, can heave a beautiful piano without the help of other musical instruments. Not the same as other instruments, that less pleasant without equipped piano. Many of the music instruments that shines as part of the piano.

Piano developments
Pada akhir periode 1790 sampai 1860, piano era Mozart mengalami perubahan yang hebat, dimana instrumen modern semakin terlihat memimpin. Pada revolusinya, piano banyak mendapat dukungan dari komposer dan pianis-pianis terkenal yang mengiringi perkembangannya. Sehingga piano dalam musik semakin memiliki power yang tinggi. Teknologi dalam pembuatan piano pun semakin menggunakan alat-alat berteknologi tinggi.

In recent times, the style of piano sound increases. From 5 to 7 octave third (or even more) octave, this indicates the more modern piano. Advances in technology, many sourced from companies in the UK, Broadwood. Over the years, artificial Broadwood instruments have evolved into more of its kind, better voice, also packaged in a nice and neat.
Broadwood piano company sends them to Hadyn and Bethoven. Coverage piano skills they send it for more than five octaves. 1790an year, in 1810 following a six-octave, until in 1820 eventually became the seventh octave. To the extent that many piano manufacturers follow this trend.
Tells Stories of the piano as well as telling a superstar. As like a superstar, a famous piano is also much admired by various circles. Piano may come in the music industry and movie industry, which easily see and hear everyone.
Since the 1830s, a concert piano is always idolized many music fans. Each held a concert by renowned pianist, often packed with music fans.. They are always lined up in droves piano concert tickets, because after all, the piano can go into almost all musical genres.
Examples on the 27th that was held Mozart's piano concert. This concert is truly a concert of instrumental music without the help of an accompaniment to the singer was still more enjoyable. This is the greatness that is owned musical instrument piano.
concert piano can be accomplished with either solo (alone), duo (two), the trio (all three), and the quartet (all four). It has been proved long ago by the famous pianists such as Mozart, Hadyn, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Mendelssohn and Brahms.
One role of the piano in the film industry was as a musical instrument that accompanies the course of the film. Can you imagine if you watch a movie that is not supported by the background music? Piano very closely with the furrows of the story in a movie.
If the movie tells of grief, the piano can play a tone of sadness. So you will actually dissolved in the atmosphere is strongly influenced by the sound than the piano.